How Reliable Are Used Toyota Pickup Trucks?

How Reliable Are Used Toyota Pickup Trucks?

In Arizona, we love our pickup trucks. Pickups for work, projects, construction jobs, and agriculture jobs are a part of the Arizona culture. While new pickup trucks are widely available at the major dealerships in Scottsdale, Tempe, and Mesa, finding a good and dependable used pickup truck in Arizona can be a challenge.

Finding Used Pickup Trucks in Arizona

Arizona residents tend to hold on to their pickups until the very end, and when used pickup trucks do come up for sale in Mesa and surrounding cities, they sell quickly and for competitive prices. At USA Auto, we look out for opportunities to find and sell used pickup trucks for our Arizona car buying customers.

Not only do we have the occasional used pickup truck from Arizona, but we also source used cars and pickups from California, giving our customers an advantage to purchasing the very limited supply of used pickup trucks for sale in Arizona.

Used Toyota Pickup Trucks for Sale in Arizona

While pickups of all makes and models are hot commodities in Arizona, used Toyota pickups in Arizona are in high demand. Toyota makes two models of pickup trucks in the (United States) domestic market: Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra. Both of which are incredibly reliable – which adds to their overall value and high demand.

2015 Toyota Tacoma for Sale in Mesa Arizona”]
2015 Toyota Tacoma | Source:

Used Toyota Tacoma Pickups

Starting production in 1995, the first generation of the pickup was manufactured from 1995 through 2004. The second Generation of Toyota Tacoma pickups lasted from 20004 through 2015, and the third generation has been in production since 2016.

While the first generation of Toyota Tacoma pickups were classified as compact pickups, expansions of the second and third generation trucks led to the class being mid-sized pickups.

Which Year is the Best for Used Toyota Tacoma Pickups?

From a standpoint of reliability, we would recommend any of the second and first generation Toyota Tacoma pickups. However, the third generation of Tacomas – starting in 2016 – have seen ratings and scores much lower than previous years.

Which year Toyota Tacoma should you try and find? The 2013 Toyota Tacoma received a reliability score of 5/5 from Consumer Reports

While the 2013 Tacoma is one of the most sought after years for a model of used truck in an already highly competitive market, any used Toyota pickup from the years 2004 through 2015 are likely to be a good buy – depending on the condition.

2011 Toyota Tundra for Sale in Mesa Arizona”]
2011 Toyota Tundra | Source:

Used Toyota Tundra Pickups

Manufactured since 1999, the Toyota Tundra us a full sized pickup that was named Motor Trend’s “Truck of the Year” in both 2000 and 2008. Reliability is high with the Toyota Tundra, and a used truck buyer would be wise in considering a used Tundra from any of the years 2000 forward.

Which Year is the Best for Used Toyota Tundra Pickups?

At USA Auto, we would recommend any of the years of Tundra pickups, if you can find them. However, certain years stand out as exceptional buys. In 2008, Tundra added 13 new variations to their options, giving a total of 44 variations available for purchase. Therefore any used Toyota Tundra 2008-forward are in high demand.

The 2010 Toyota Tundra introduced new body and style changes, including changes to the pickup grille and adding additional safety features including knee-airbags.

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