Jeep Wrangler: A History of an Off-Roading Icon

Jeeps transitioned from rugged wartime vehicles to civilian vehicles, and then finally to the hardy, multipurpose Wranglers we know today. Here, we explore the history of this instantly recognizable vehicle. Models through the Years Prior to the Wrangler hitting the road, Jeep vehicles had already started employing features that would eventually make their way to the Wrangler. As new models were released, they continued to build on previous historic styles and added newer, modern features. Nevertheless, the following features found in previous Jeeps made their way to the distinctive look of the Wrangler: Boxy body style Two-door design Removable cloth top Instantly recognizable front Round headlamps Tall, seven-slot grille From the models that preceded the Wrangler to the various changes made in the last few decades, here are the models that make up the heritage of this beloved SUV. Before the Wrangler – Precursors (1940s – 1980s) The Wrangler is … Read More