SUV vs. Crossover Used Cars: What’s the Difference?

Sport utility vehicle (SUV) sales are through the roof in the last few years. More room for passengers and cargo plus cheaper gas prices mean SUVs are a great option for family travel. They provide traction in inclement weather and better visibility than sedans, due to being higher off the road. More recently, car manufacturers have created another class of vehicles known as the crossover. People sometimes mistakenly refer to crossovers as SUVs, but these vehicles have slightly different features than traditional SUVs. We’ve created this quick guide to help you understand the difference between the crossover and the SUV. What Is an SUV? SUV is the label used to describe any vehicle built on a truck chassis with body-on-frame construction. These models typically have rear-wheel drive, with the option for all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, and they can go off road. Most SUVs feature V6 engines, but the larger … Read More