Safe Driving Tips for Winter Visitors Doing Long Distance Road Trips to Arizona

Any long trip has the potential to be dangerous over the winter months. Inclement weather, poor visibility, shorter daylight hours, and holiday traffic congestion can all lead to disastrous accidents for unwary drivers. Arizona is a popular destination during the winter months, thanks to the state’s warm climate and clear skies, and many people may visit their families in Arizona for the winter holidays. Arizona residents may also trek outside the state over the winter. All drivers should know some basic safety tips for safe winter driving. Safety Tips For Traveling Arizonans If you plan to leave Arizona over the winter it’s crucial to prepare and know a few tips for long drives. Arizona typically has some of the highest average temperatures year-round in the United States, so unless you plan to visit another Southern state like Florida or Texas, it’s best to prepare for colder weather. Some Arizona cars … Read More