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Getting Approved for Used Car Financing After Being Turned Down at an Auto Dealership

Find Used Car Financing After Being Turned Down Elsewhere If you’re in need of a vehicle and you’ve already been turned down for financing at a major dealership, is all hope lost? No, not at all. If you have a trade-in or a small down payment, there is still a chance you could be approved for a loan to take home a reliable preowned vehicle. Yes, this is all possible even if you have poor credit or no credit. There are some dealers that are more willing to work with you and that have more flexibility than the most of major auto dealerships around town. This article will cover the typical minimum requirements you need in order to secure a loan for a used vehicle, even with bad or no credit. What You Need for a Used Car Loan If Your Credit Isn’t Strong Is your credit score below 600? … Read More

Where Can I Find Bad Credit Car Loans in Arizona?

Where do you turn if you need to find financing for a used car in Arizona, but have been turned down for a loan from the big dealerships in Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, or Phoenix? Where can you go to find bad credit car loans in Arizona? The first things you need to consider is why were you turned down previously? Most likely, you were turned down for a car loan because of a bad or low credit score – possibly you have no credit whatsoever. If this is the case, that you have a bad credit score, but you have a job and a stable residence, you may be able to obtain bad credit auto financing in Mesa, from USA Auto – a buy here pay here dealership. What to Expect with Bad Credit Car Loans The first thing you need to do when considering bad credit car loans is … Read More