How to Determine Which Used Car or Truck Is Right Before Buying

Buying any vehicle is a major life decision and a significant investment. You need peace of mind that the vehicle you purchase will meet your needs and last for years to come. If you’re thinking about browsing the used cars for sale in your area, it’s important to know what your vehicle preferences say about you and how to balance your preferences with your available options. Things To Consider Before Any Used Car Purchase Most drivers start their car-buying experience by coming up with a price range. This is a realistic first step for any car buyer because he or she must find a vehicle that fits within his or her budget. However, it’s important to not only consider the initial sale price of a vehicle but also the long-term cost of ownership. Newer vehicles generally cost more to maintain, and it may be difficult to find the parts you … Read More

Driving Used Cars And Using Recycled Parts Helps The Environment

There are many benefits to buying used cars beyond the obvious savings on the sale price. A new car may look and perform great, carry a manufacturer’s warranty, and feature the latest comfort and security features, but it’s worth considering a pre-owned vehicle purchase if you need a new vehicle. A pre-owned vehicle will not only be cheaper, but it will also likely cost much less to maintain over time and is a much better choice for the environment. Recycling And Repurposing Used Vehicles Is An Environmentally Friendly Choice Unless you plan on driving a very fuel-inefficient classic car that guzzles gas and only gets a handful of miles to the gallon, most pre-owned vehicles offer competitive gas mileage rates. Hybrid vehicles have been around long enough that many used car dealerships have at least a few available for purchase. There are countless options when it comes to pre-owned vehicle … Read More

Safe Driving Tips for Winter Visitors Doing Long Distance Road Trips to Arizona

Any long trip has the potential to be dangerous over the winter months. Inclement weather, poor visibility, shorter daylight hours, and holiday traffic congestion can all lead to disastrous accidents for unwary drivers. Arizona is a popular destination during the winter months, thanks to the state’s warm climate and clear skies, and many people may visit their families in Arizona for the winter holidays. Arizona residents may also trek outside the state over the winter. All drivers should know some basic safety tips for safe winter driving. Safety Tips For Traveling Arizonans If you plan to leave Arizona over the winter it’s crucial to prepare and know a few tips for long drives. Arizona typically has some of the highest average temperatures year-round in the United States, so unless you plan to visit another Southern state like Florida or Texas, it’s best to prepare for colder weather. Some Arizona cars … Read More

SUV vs. Crossover Used Cars: What’s the Difference?

Sport utility vehicle (SUV) sales are through the roof in the last few years. More room for passengers and cargo plus cheaper gas prices mean SUVs are a great option for family travel. They provide traction in inclement weather and better visibility than sedans, due to being higher off the road. More recently, car manufacturers have created another class of vehicles known as the crossover. People sometimes mistakenly refer to crossovers as SUVs, but these vehicles have slightly different features than traditional SUVs. We’ve created this quick guide to help you understand the difference between the crossover and the SUV. What Is an SUV? SUV is the label used to describe any vehicle built on a truck chassis with body-on-frame construction. These models typically have rear-wheel drive, with the option for all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, and they can go off road. Most SUVs feature V6 engines, but the larger … Read More

Benefits of Coupes and Hatchback Cars

Coupes and hatchbacks are some of the hottest compact cars on the market today. With added features for comfort and a price tag for almost any wallet, they make sense for someone looking for an economical car. Here’s a look at some of the features of coupes and hatchbacks and how they stand up against the bigger model sedan: What Is a Coupe? A coupe is a closed-body vehicle with either two or four seats. The coupe does not exceed 33 cubic feet of rear interior volume, and the body of a coupe has two doors and a sloping roofline. People often call coupes sporty cars, although manufacturers are changing the definition of sporty cars recently with larger models. Coupes are typically for people who don’t have large families and who like to think economically. Comparing a Coupe vs. Sedan Most people consider the difference between a coupe and a … Read More

Getting Approved for Used Car Financing After Being Turned Down at an Auto Dealership

Find Used Car Financing After Being Turned Down Elsewhere If you’re in need of a vehicle and you’ve already been turned down for financing at a major dealership, is all hope lost? No, not at all. If you have a trade-in or a small down payment, there is still a chance you could be approved for a loan to take home a reliable preowned vehicle. Yes, this is all possible even if you have poor credit or no credit. There are some dealers that are more willing to work with you and that have more flexibility than the most of major auto dealerships around town. This article will cover the typical minimum requirements you need in order to secure a loan for a used vehicle, even with bad or no credit. What You Need for a Used Car Loan If Your Credit Isn’t Strong Is your credit score below 600? … Read More

Used Vehicles for Rideshare (Uber, Lyft) Requirements

If you’re looking to use your personal vehicle or in need of an affordable used car to start driving for Uber or Lyft, there are some minimum requirements you and the vehicle must meet in order to qualify. Especially with Uber, there are unique requirements for different levels of services, so one vehicle won’t fit all, in this case. Let’s go over the current vehicle requirements for rideshare driving in Arizona. Keep in mind many of these requirements are subject to change as Lyft and Uber continue to determine how to better serve their users. Rideshare-Friendly Insurance Policy For starters, if you want to start driving for Uber or Lyft, you’re going to want to make sure your insurance plan covers you and all potential passengers. When you start using your car for business purposes, you can no longer classify the vehicle as “for personal use.” At this point, your … Read More

How Reliable Are Used Toyota Pickup Trucks?

In Arizona, we love our pickup trucks. Pickups for work, projects, construction jobs, and agriculture jobs are a part of the Arizona culture. While new pickup trucks are widely available at the major dealerships in Scottsdale, Tempe, and Mesa, finding a good and dependable used pickup truck in Arizona can be a challenge. Finding Used Pickup Trucks in Arizona Arizona residents tend to hold on to their pickups until the very end, and when used pickup trucks do come up for sale in Mesa and surrounding cities, they sell quickly and for competitive prices. At USA Auto, we look out for opportunities to find and sell used pickup trucks for our Arizona car buying customers. Not only do we have the occasional used pickup truck from Arizona, but we also source used cars and pickups from California, giving our customers an advantage to purchasing the very limited supply of used … Read More

$1500 Down Used Cars: What Kind of Cars Are Available?

Can you get a quality, reliable used car for $1,500 down financing? Yes, you can, from USA Auto in Mesa, Arizona. At USA Auto, we offer high quality and reliable used cars and trucks that are available at our Mesa car dealership location. Used Cars and Trucks for Sale in Mesa-Phoenix, AZ So what can someone with bad or no credit get at a low down payment car dealership in Arizona for $1,500 down? First we should consider what the down payment is; it is a show of trust between a buyer and a seller that both parties are very serious about the deal. Sellers want to see a down payment at the time of sale because it proves that you are serious about purchasing the deal, and aren’t giving the seller the “runaround.” Used care lots and “buy here pay here dealerships” that will offer you financing on used … Read More

Where Can I Find Bad Credit Car Loans in Arizona?

Where do you turn if you need to find financing for a used car in Arizona, but have been turned down for a loan from the big dealerships in Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, or Phoenix? Where can you go to find bad credit car loans in Arizona? The first things you need to consider is why were you turned down previously? Most likely, you were turned down for a car loan because of a bad or low credit score – possibly you have no credit whatsoever. If this is the case, that you have a bad credit score, but you have a job and a stable residence, you may be able to obtain bad credit auto financing in Mesa, from USA Auto – a buy here pay here dealership. What to Expect with Bad Credit Car Loans The first thing you need to do when considering bad credit car loans is … Read More